If Only You Remember: A Novel

ISBN: 9786297665061
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Publisher,Iman Publication
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 250 g
No. of Pages, 336

Blurb IOYR


When one brings you pain and another brings you sorrow; what would you do? Will you choose to remember or will you take that leap to forget?




Sofea, a headstrong independent librarian, the 'Nanny McPhee' of the library world.


Shafique, a serious antiquarian of books with a painful past.


Their love for books led them to unintentionally stumble upon each other, over and over again. Nothing is coincidental; everything is decreed.


This is not just a love story.


This is a story of preserverance, hope and faith. Of happiness that comes unexpectedly. Of sorrow that tests even the strongest.


Leaving is hard but at times, staying is even harder to do.


Can Sofea and Shafique find their way through their struggles and cling to hope to the very end?


Is happiness just a myth or does it truly exist?

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Laura Daniel

If Only You Remember: A Novel