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Eva had always wanted to experience life in Japan. But upon her arrival there in pursuit of a master's degree, she soon finds that it's not entirely like what she'd read in anime and manga.

From dirty dorms and Japanese bureaucracy to natural disasters and hay fever-inducing pollen, Eva's stay in Japan was no walk in a cherry blossom park. She was also there during the 3/11 earthquake, among the worst in recent history.

In this follow-up to her previous work, Eva, Kopi and Matcha, follow Eva's footsteps as she experiences some of the best and not-quite-best Japan has to offer during her postgraduate adventure. Her accounts in Eva Goes Solo–humorous, sometimes harrowing and informative –show that her fondness for all things Japanese has not waned, despite everything.

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Great memoir / comic

Unlike her other books this is a personal story of how Eva went abroad to study at Japan. It's so interesting and insightful, I really love reading her adventures at Japan. Pity the comic is not in full colour but it's still very well done! Hopefully we can get a follow up to this.

Nurulidayu Mohamed
Best sequel!

This book still funny like the first book, but i am a bit dissapointed as it was nit colourful like Eva Kopi and Matcha. Yet, this book is still funny and a must read for all age