History of Malaysia: A Children's Encyclopedia

ISBN: 9780646498270
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Every member of the family will enjoy this engaging encyclopedia. Its richly illustrated pages not only bring Malaysian history to life, but its clear and comprehensive explanations make it an essential resource. It helps children understand the country's history and how it relates to today's news. It records a dazzling panorama of peoples, cultures and events from the Stone Age until the present day. The main sections include regional maps, an encyclopedic A to Z, beginners to advance quizzes, a historical time chart, a chronology and glossary.

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Format, Hardcover
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This book is must have! This book is really helpful for kids to learn about history of Malaysia. This book is so easy to read for kids with amazing illustrations to help kids understand and see. This is a great book!

Ikram Kausari
A Fascinating History Book.

Simple, complete and compact. This book is totally awesome! Good for children from oversea to learn history of our country. While not chronically arranged by timeline, every topic has sorted by colors depending when event were happened at time. From Malacca's Sultanate, Portuguese invasion, Dutch era, British settlements, Japanese invasion until independence! Parents are very recommended to learn their kids to learn what's is happened in our country through this book!