Home-Baked Breads (MPH Masterclass Kitchens)

ISBN: 9789674152246
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Bread is a staple in many cultures worldwide, found in many shapes and sizes, and enjoyed by many in different ways.

Those seeking the joys of bread-making or hankering for the heady scent and taste of freshly baked goodness, take heart. Bread-baking instructor Ezekiel Ananthan brings you this masterclass in bread-making, which incorporates his experience in a New Zealand bakery and background in local cuisine.

Recipes abound in this volume. Learn the art (and science) of baking breads from around the world, from basics such as the classic white loaf, roti canai, baguette and ciabatta to the Japanese melon pan, Hokkaido milk loaf and deep south cornbread from the US. Plus, several custom creations. Red velvet buns and oven-baked lamb roti, anyone?

Get acquainted with the basic ingredients in bread and the alchemy involved that transforms them into fragrant, flavourful loaves; learn to avoid the pitfalls in making your first loaf; and discover the pleasure of biting into the fruits of your labour. You'll soon learn that bread-making can be fun – and delicious.

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Lynne Woon
Home baked breads

Easy to follow

Nur Alyah

Really great book! Very interesting and helpful. Thanks!

Home-Baked Breads

This book is truly a fantastic choice for anyone who enjoys baking bread. It helps you develop the skills to make a variety of breads (simple, enriched or fermented)