Juicing for Health (MPH Masterclass Kitchens)

ISBN: 9789674153007
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Juicing is not usually what comes to mind when you think of cookbooks. In recent years, juicing has become increasingly popular with people who want to be healthier diet. One of the best ways to do is to consume wholesome, fresh juices. With Juicing for Health, you have everything you need to know about juicing and how to get started. This is the sum of Sara’s knowledge acquired over the past decade through reading, research and experimentation.

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Chung Wan Shien
Juicing For Health

Very recommended!! My family and I love juice very much. As it is not only healthy and yummy, it can also reduce the risk of cancer, boost our immune system and remove toxin from our body. So, if you want to stay healthy, might as well give it a try.