Pedalling Around the Peninsula

ISBN: 9789675997822
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Publisher,MPH Group Publishing
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Format, Paperback
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“Four corners of West Malaysia, 2,664 kilometres in 37 days……Are you two nuts?”

Well, those were probably not the exact words. However, nothing could keep outdoor enthusiast Sandra Loh and her friend Mak Shiau Meng from their goal to travel to the four corners of Peninsular Malaysia on bicycles in early 2009. The tour was Mak's idea, and he had invited Sandra along for the ride.

For Mak, it was the fulfillment of a dream; for Sandra, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Braving exhausting uphill roads in the scorching sun and freezing rain, daredevil lorry drivers, unhelpful road signs and the occasional cow, the two intrepid cyclists made their way to the designated four corners: Padang Besar, Kedah; Tanjung Piai and Sg Rengkit in Johor; and Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

As they rode past small towns and big cities, friendly and helpful locals, old and new friends, new and familiar sights and (mostly) good food made the trip more interesting…and bearable. And Sandra, the chronicler of the expedition, wrote it all down in her chirpy inimitable style.


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Fun travelogue book

While no doubt most of the places mentioned in this book has changed or even closed down completely because this book is almost a decade old, this is such a fun book to read. Especially since the author proved that she can do it just while on a bicycle, so why can't we? A must for people aspiring to take a similar journey.