Tuesday: An Ordinary Day in an Extraordinary City

ISBN: 9789674155032
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If you think Paris is all about this fantastical image of basking in the sunshine while eating an ice cream by the Seine, or living in a fancy apartment that overlooks the whole city with a random French guy who looks like Jake Gyllenhaal, think again. Right now I’m standing by the door of my rented studio the size of an average Malaysian kitchen, waiting for my turn to use the toilet that the whole floor has to share and when it flushes, the sound is so loud that the whole building would know you had just taken a dump. Fresh from Dumped: A Journey of Lessons Through Breakups, Mishaps and Misadventures, Amal Nadiah Ghazali’s protagonist embarks on a sabbatical in one of the world’s most beautiful cities: Paris. As she explores the streets of wintry Paris while reflecting on recent events and her decisions thus far, memories of a happier time come flooding back on a Tuesday and triggers more musings on life, people, relationships, choices and what could have been. Amal Nadiah Ghazali is a geoscientist, columnist, blogger and author of the bestselling Dumped. She has a column in the New Straits Times called “Amal Muses” and blogs at bootsoverbooks.com. She’s an avid traveller, loves to cook and enjoys reading on rainy days. ***Amal Nadiah is the bestselling author of DUMPED released in 2017.
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Hamizah Ali

This book is more on her unsaid feelings toward James after he left her and it was like reading Amal’s personal journal