Get Up and Get On It: A Black Entrepreneur's Lessons on Creating Legacy and Wealth

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A compelling story of entrepreneurial determination

Are you ready to embark on an inspiring journey of resilience and success, especially for those often facing daunting challenges in our society? Dana Frank's debut book, Get Up & Get On It! A Black Entrepreneur's Lessons on Creating Legacy & Wealth, is a powerful testament to the enduring spirit of individuals from marginalized communities, such as People of Color and women navigating the male-dominated business world.

This captivating narrative traces its roots back to 1950 when Gerald Frank, a determined Black man, arrived in Seattle at the tender age of 18. Fleeing the violence of Detroit and the suffocating grip of Jim Crow Laws, Gerald carried nothing but dreams and drumsticks in his heart. His unwavering belief that he could carve out a better life set the stage for an incredible journey. Today, over 70 years later, the real estate empire forged by Gerald and his wife, Theresa, in Seattle's Central District continues to flourish under the guidance of the third generation of the Frank family. But theirs was not a journey paved with silver spoons.

In Get Up & Get On It!, Dana Frank paints a vivid picture of the hurdles her family faced. Dana herself confronted racial barriers as her father made unconventional business choices. When her parents' thirty-two-year marriage ended in a bitter divorce, Dana and her mother emerged as fearless business partners, facing the brink of bankruptcy left by her father. Their story is a testament to fortitude, perseverance, bravery, and unrelenting hard work. As a single mother and entrepreneur, Dana learned the power of leveraging her network, staying true to her story, and envisioning a brighter future.

Today, as the President of The TD Frank Family Properties, Dana's mission is clear: to teach how to create generational wealth by working smarter, not harder. She emphasizes a timeless truth: "Equity grows, cash erodes," and reveals how real estate investments can be a game-changer for future generations. Dana firmly believes that anyone, regardless of their birth circumstances, can rewrite the trajectory of their lives.

Get Up & Get On It: A Black Entrepreneur's Lessons on Creating Legacy & Wealth offers:

  • Personal stories filled with humor and invaluable insights on reshaping your inner narrative.
  • A straightforward yet potent approach to building generational wealth through the R.E.A.L. method: Research, Expand, Amplify, and Leverage connections.
  • Guidance on gaining advantages, progressing, fostering empowerment, and achieving success in wealth-building through real estate.
  • A treasure trove of historical photos that illuminate the family's ties to challenging real estate markets and their connections with the vibrant music scene of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, featuring Dana's uncle, Quincy Jones.
  • Original social-justice poems penned by Dana Frank herself throughout the book, amplifying the narrative that People of Color can indeed "Get Up and Get On It!"

Get Up & Get On It: A Black Entrepreneur's Lessons on Creating Legacy & Wealth is a compelling story of determination that challenges conventional paths to freedom. It is essential reading not only for business influencers, entrepreneurs, executives, and philanthropists but also for anyone seeking inspiration and the keys to unlocking their full potential. Dive into Dana Frank's remarkable journey and discover how to rewrite your own story of success.


About the Author

Real estate mogul and philanthropist DANA FRANK shares the formula for creating generational wealth. Today, she is a real estate authority, helping families secure housing and embark on their wealth-creation journey. Dana manages a third-generation real estate business, Frank Enterprises, originally founded by her father in 1950 with a single-family home. Today, as the General Managing Partner of The TD Frank Family Properties, she oversees hundreds of multifamily apartments and continues to expand their real estate investments in Washington and Arizona.

While attending the University of Washington, she obtained her real estate broker’s license at 19 years old. Her overarching mission centers on creating generational wealth, a belief she holds as attainable and sustainable for those ready to put in the effort and reshape the narrative. Dana’s guiding principle is that “Equity grows, cash erodes.” She is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by imparting wisdom on working smarter, not harder.


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