The Execution Challenge: Delivering Great Strategy at Scale

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An expert playbook for effective strategy execution with a focus on proven, real-world, implementation

In The Execution Challenge: Delivering Great Strategy at Scale, a team of renowned strategy execution researchers and consultants delivers a practical and insightful new take on how to effectively execute strategy in today's complex, fast-changing environments.

The authors focus on the often missing “HOW” of strategy execution ― exploring the holistic perspectives, skills, and approaches needed to inform and translate strategy and create and maintain a “line-of-sight” between your strategy and its execution.

You'll find proven techniques that you can implement to ensure that changes in business strategy are reflected in complementary changes to the organizational project portfolio. The Execution Challenge includes over 70 diagrams and figures, an organizational assessment, and reusable frameworks. 

You'll also discover:

  • A comprehensive leadership toolkit of approaches, skills, knowledge, processes, and examples you can employ immediately to translate and execute on even the most ambitious strategies
  • A multidimensional and nuanced perspective on understanding modern organizational structures and design that provides a comprehensive view of your firm's value proposition
  • How to align business strategy with project-level execution and maintain the alignment as strategy evolves

A can't-miss toolkit for converting words and ideas into coordinated action and momentum, The Execution Challenge is the real-world guide to strategy execution that executives, strategists, transformation and innovation leaders, strategic planners, managers, directors, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders have been waiting for.


About the Author

BRIAN H. CAMERON is the Associate Dean for Professional Graduate Programs and Executive Education in the Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State University. He is also a Clinical Professor of Information Systems in the Smeal College of Business and a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium’s Business & Enterprise Architecture practice. Dr.?Cameron has consulted with a wide variety of organizations from around the globe in areas related to strategy execution, strategic business architecture, and strategic value measurement. He currently teaches graduate and executive level courses on strategic business architecture and strategy execution and has published many related professional articles. Dr. Cameron’s current research focus is effective value measurement for strategic business architecture. He has received several awards for his work at the Smeal College of Business.

WHYNDE KUEHN is recognized globally as a highly sought-after pioneer, thought leader, and educator in strategy execution, transformation, and strategic business architecture. She has consulted with an extensive array of organizations to build their capacity for end-to-end strategy execution, including Fortune 500 and global enterprises, governmental and nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, startups, and cross-sector initiatives. With vast experience in enterprise transformation and strategic planning, including leading large-scale transformations and teams, she has a distinguished track record of creating successful strategic business architecture practices worldwide. As a long-time educator and community builder, Whynde has also helped countless individuals develop their careers and taught executives and practitioners around the world.


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