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ISBN: 9786299927112
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Format, Paperback
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Nur Edlynn, a 16-year-old plus-sized girl has been in love with her half-Malay half-British best
friend, Tengku Aqeel Zayyan, ever since she was eight. She was confident Aqeel had feelings
for her too. She decided to write a love letter, confessing her feelings to Aqeel before he
moved to London.
However, he decided to cut her off right after Edlynn sent the letter. Edlynn was dejected
and disappointed. She was deeply tormented by Aqeel’s ghosting.
After five years without contact, Aqeel returns, claiming to rekindle their friendship.
“Listen, about the love letter, let's just forget about it. It was in the past. Let's start fresh,
shall we? Don't let that love letter ruin our friendship. I’m sorry it took me five years to talk
to you about this.”
– Aqeel
Things get complicated when Edlynn’s best friend, Aleesha, falls for Aqeel too.
“Let’s make a promise none of us pursue Aqeel.” – Aleesha
“Even if he likes one of us?” – Ed
“If it can ruin our friendship, neither of us should pursue him.” – Aleesha
That’s not all to Edlynn’s story. When it comes to love, friendship, and family, one can never
be definite with the ending.

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