100 First Dinosaur Words

ISBN: 9780241375587
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Publisher,Dorling Kindersley Books
Publication Date,
Format, Board Book
Weight, 757 g
No. of Pages, 16

Help little dinosaur fans spot all their favourite prehistoric friends and build their vocabulary with the next
title in this award-winning picture word book series. Meet mighty Tyrannosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Triceratops, and more!
More than 40 amazing dinosaurs are clearly labelled, with helpful pronunciation guides for their names, as well as other prehistoric creatures, dinosaur body parts, their eggs and babies, habitats,
and skeletons.
From the biggest and smallest dinosaurs and well known meat eaters and plant eaters, to spiky, armoured dinosaurs, flying pterosaurs, giant fossil finds, and incredible prehistoric lands, 
100 First Dinosaur Words covers everything little ones love about these awesome creatures. And the mix of impressive, computer generated dinosaurs and humorous, cartoon style pictures provides lots to talk about, learn about, and smile about, making this colourful dinosaur board book great for sharing, and an attractive baby, toddler, or preschool gift.
Part of a beautiful picture word book series, which includes the award-winning 
100 First Words and 100 First Animals, the big board book pages are toddler tough, and every one is a visual treat, filled with lots to see - from huge stompy dinosaur feet and a fiery volcano to a baby dinosaur hatching and enormous Diplodocus eating the top of a very tall tree!
Word labels and pronunciation guides encourage naming and picture-and-word association, building language, and reading readiness, while the inviting, look-and-point pictures stimulate talking.
Cleverly designed to inform and entertain, 
100 First Dinosaur Words takes your little one on an exciting


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learning adventure.

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