5-Minute Bible: 100 Stories and 100 Songs

ISBN: 9780718097646
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Publisher,Thomas Nelson UK
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Format, Hardcover
Weight, 740 g
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Curl up with your little one, and discover 100 of the greatest Bible stories.
From Moses’ encounter with the burning bush and Jonah’s trip to Nineveh to Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son and the last supper, 5 Minute Bible: 100 Stories and Songs will make an eternal difference by revealing God’s amazing love. With biblical truths and life-action applications, your child will take these biblical teachings to heart, and the adorable illustrations and song lyrics will help make these five minutes the best part of the day.
Set aside five minutes to discover the Bible with your child—and start today!

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Priscilla Christie Henry

Fast delivery! Great packaging! glad that my kids loved it! can sing along with your kids too. it has 100 songs in it. if you don’t know how to sing the song, just find them in youtube.