Age Of Invisible Machines: A Practical Guide to Creating a Hyperautomated Ecosystem of Intelligent Digital Workers

ISBN: 9781119899921
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Age of Invisible Machines is the first best-selling book about conversational AI and the current AI revolution—having predicted the moment we're in with the ChatGPT revolution.

"The technology book every business and technology leader needs to read." —Sherry Comes, former CTO, IBM Watson
  • A Wall Street Journal Best Seller in the Business category
  • Amazon #1 Best Seller in "Artificial Intelligence & Semantics"
  • Amazon #1 New Release in "Strategic Business Planning"
  • Amazon #1 New Release in "Computers & Technology Industry"

Age of Invisible Machines is a practical guide to conversational artificial intelligence and essential reading for anyone interested in the future of business, technology, and UX. 

Robb Wilson shares the core philosophies and best practices that made the highest scoring company in Gartner's 2022 Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms report.

The CEO and co-founder of joins co-author 
Josh Tyson, sharing insights drawn from over 20 years of experience in conversational AI. Together they gleaned wisdom from millions of research hours and the thousands of bots built on the platform, which processed more than 1.5 billion enterprise conversational AI experiences in 2021 alone. 

Age of Invisible Machines cuts through the noise and hops over armchair experts, providing a roadmap for building the strategy, team, tools, architecture, and ecosystem required for hyperautomation. 

Anyone serious about the future integration of business, technology, and UX needs to read this book. CTOs, CIOs, CEOs and business leaders interested in future-proofing their organizations needs to read this book.

Organizations that are equipped to leverage conversational AI will be able to create their own automations—in essence writing their own software—using code free development tools. This radical shift has unleashed a new technology landscape where interfaces recede from view and our lives become greatly enhanced by invisible machines. 

UPDATE: Co-authors Robb Wilson and Josh Tyson now host the Invisible Machines podcast, which quickly grew to one of the top 10% most popular podcasts in the world. Produced in partnership with UX Magazine, Invisible Machines continues the conversations that started in the book with guests including the founder of Siri, the creator of TED, the Director of User Experience for Core Machines Learning at Google, MIT professors, AI-invested celebrities and more.

About the Author

ROBB WILSON is the founder, lead designer, and chief technologist behind, the highest-scoring company in Gartner's first Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms report. Robb is a contributor to Harvard Business Review and has spent over two decades applying his deep understanding of user-centric design to unlocking hyperautomation. He built UX Magazine into the world's largest experience design publication while creating a full-service UX firm that competed with IDEO and Frog Design. In addition to collecting over 130 awards across the fields of design, technology and business, Robb has held executive roles at several publicly traded companies.

JOSH TYSON is an author and producer who's held leadership roles with a variety of organizations, including TEDxMileHigh and UX Magazine. Josh co-hosts N9K, a podcast from the future, and his writing has appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times and Thrasher.
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