Amazing Insects - Record-Breaking Bugs

ISBN: 9781910684689
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Publisher,Hungry Tomato Ltd
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 420 g
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Amazing prepared to be amazed at some of the facts in this book. Here you will meet cockroaches that will eat anything including hair! Ants and their antics, whose entire population weighs more than humans. You will also encounter a flightless vegetarian with a face like a samurai warrior that is heavier than a sparrow and so much more... Record Breaking Bugs...We may think humans rule the planet, but actually insects outnumber us and at a rough guess there are ten quintillion insects alive at any one time! This series looks at some of the most amazing adaptations of modern insects: their beauty, camouflage, engineering skills, senses, weapons, defences and sneaky survival tricks, plus some of the ways both welcome and otherwise they affect humanity

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Huzair Miqdad
Discover the world of Insects

Very informative and fascinating. Kids and even adults could learn and dwell in the world of insects and learn more about them. Fascinating, astonishing, and recommended.