As The Demon King's Right Hand #1

ISBN: 9789811486371
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Format, Paperback
Weight, 420 g
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Tooru, a regular office employee and fangirl, is obsessed with ‘Lapis Lazuli World’— a fantasy manga of battles and magic. Following the story’s climatic ending and demise of her favourite villain, the demon king, Tooru is left torn and heartbroken… and she accidentally falls off a rooftop. But when she wakes, she finds herself trapped in the body of a six-year-old… and the demon king alive in front of her?! Determined to set things right, she’s going to rewrite the script and save her beloved!

Customer Reviews

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hanisah fatini
the title are easy to understand on what the book about

it is sooooo cute and recomended for others to read

Nur Sabrina
As the Demon King’s Right Hand

Speedy delivery from MPH and great manga! Loveee the story line

Nice art and I Love it!

Thank you MPH! I really enjoyed reading the manga and all of the characters are loveable hehehe and art dia tak payah kata lah memang cantik!! Cuma sayang the vol 2 that I ordered, dalamnya got manufacturing defect but it’s okay still readable cuma sakit mata sikit sebab the ‘shading’ berselerak macam tompok2 haha.. Overall nice and I really recommend for those who enjoy reading shojou manga 👏🏼 *Side note: Harap pihak MPH online dapat jual Frieren too hehehe ☺️