Back to Property Investment to Create Wealth (Updated Edition)

ISBN: 9789672805618
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Publisher,Kanyin Publications
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
No. of Pages, 294

Anders Ong is a Speaker, Property Investor, Trainer and Advisor in Malaysia, specialising in Property Sales Methodology, Research Methodology and Real Estate Investment Consultancy. He has vast experience and knowledge in Peninsular Northern Region real estate development and investment.


What we can benefit from this book:

  • Learn the different property investment types
  • Know the different financing options available
  • Know the importance of home protection
  • Analyze the type of property that suits us
  • Understand the property selling process
  • Protect ourselves from legal issues
  • Buy property with limited cash
  • Technical analysis of property investment
  • Reap profits from property investment
  • Get our property ready for sale and rent
  • Avoid mistakes made by most new home buyers
  • Know the steps for safe investment
  • Invest in other types of real estate vehicles
  • Understand future real estate trends

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