Being a Quran Tag Girl

ISBN: 9789832423720
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Publisher,Iman Publication
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Format, Paperback
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"Are you in love with your Quran?

Do you know that exhausting feeling of searching high and low for a true meaningful love and life purpose of this life?

“That was exactly how I feel about the Quran. I was so busy finding happiness and love to fill the emptiness in my heart. None worked. Until I found the Quran.”

Building a relationship with Quran cannot happen in one day. It will take years.

It will be a long journey of trying to fall in love with the Quran, but it will be worthwhile."

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Aishah Humaira
Alhamdulillah bimbingan terbaik

Saya sangat berpuas hati dengan pembelian saya di MPH Online. Pantas dan berkualiti. Pengisian yang sangat berguna untuk setiap umat muslimin diluar sana. Banyak tips yang berguna boleh disematkan dalam hati kerana Al Quran adalah panduan kita semua umat Islam.

Being a Quran Tag Girl

tottaly recommended.....Sekiranya ingin mencari motivasi untuk diri membaca dan ingin meneroka Al-Quran, buku sangat sesuai untuk dibaca.

siti aisyah
motivation books!

the book tells more about the author herself, her journey with quran, how she tag her quran and fall in love with quran. reading the experience from someone who really learning and understand quran inspires me. great to those who need motivation and to get closer to Allah by Al-Quran.

Recommended and inspirational

This book is about how we want to approach Al-Quran in daily life. It tells the experience of the writer herself how she started the tagging activity with Al-Quran.

I love one story she told in the book where a woman khatam her Al-Quran every single day! I was inspired actually by the story. Even it’s short story about her.

There are some of the parts in the book giving some tips about how we want to tadabbur Al-Quran. I recommend others to read this book if they want to get inspiration to know Al-Quran better.


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