Children's Encyclopedia: Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

ISBN: 9781782091103
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Children's Encyclopedia Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life covers five key topics about the prehistoric world in a beautiful glossy hardback.

With easy-to-read numbered facts and packed with photos, artwork and diagrams, this brilliant dinosaur encyclopedia for kids aged 7+ makes learning enjoyable and helps promote reading skills. The expertly written and checked facts are accompanied by awesome quick quizzes and project panels to make learning accessible and interactive.

Essential topics covered in Children's Encyclopedia Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life:

  • Prehistoric Life: Animals invaded land, Living with dinosaurs, and Prehistoric giants
  • Dinosaurs: Super-sized dinosaurs, Built like tanks, and Dinosaur babies
  • T Rex: What big teeth!, What did T rex eat?, and Tyrannosaur group
  • Fossils: How fossils form, Looking for fossils, and Famous fossils
  • Extinction: What is extinction?, Age of ice, and Gone forever?

Examples of 'I don't believe it' fascinating facts:

  • The name 'dinosaur' means 'terrible lizards'!
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex's tail was not very bendy or flexible – it stuck out straight behind its body. This is why its group of dinosaurs is called tetanurans or 'stiff-tails'.
  • A fossil leg bone from a huge dinosaur, being solid rock, can weigh more than one tonne!

Activities to make learning fun include:

  • Design a dinosaur! Create a new dinosaur using card or modelling clay. What will it be called? What does it eat? How well protected is your dinosaur?
  • Create your own fossil museum using only chalk sticks and a teaspoon!
  • Put the dinosaurs in the order of biggest to smallest.


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