Children'S Illustrated Animal Atlas

ISBN: 9780241283851
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Publisher,DK Children
Publication Date,
Format, Hardcover
Weight, 898 g
No. of Pages, 96

Bring the amazing animal kingdom right into your home! Packed with fun facts about animals and more than 40 full-colour maps that detail the countries where they live.

This fabulous educational book for kids zooms-in on countries and continents to show key animal habitats and locations around the world. A thrilling animal adventure around the globe, perfect for kids ages 6-8.

Each colourful map in this children's book is bursting with animal facts, combining illustrations with gorgeous photographs that highlight each continent's most iconic animals. From the tallest mountains and desolate deserts, to wild grasslands and tropical rain forests; it covers key habitats and locations for each country.

Packed with tons of fun facts and figures, the Children's Illustrated Animal Atlas explains where the habitats are found, what the climate is like and describes the plants and animals that live in them, making the information easy for kids to comprehend.

This children's atlas also includes a super awesome, colourful world map pull-out poster showing every corner of the world and animals that live in each country. Through this educational atlas, children are shown how to read a map, use a map key, follow a compass and how to judge scale and distance.

Charming and informative, this kids' atlas is a delightful addition to every child's library.

Take A Thrilling Animal Adventure Around The Globe!

An enchanting atlas, packed full of fascinating facts and more than 600 incredible animals. From polar bears in the frozen north, to thorny devils in the Australian outback and to toucans in the Amazon rain forest, this factbook will bring the world of Earth's wildlife right into your home!

Some of the amazing animals you can expect to encounter:
- Emu - Australia's largest bird
- Giant hummingbird - the biggest of its kind in the whole world
- Cheetah - the world's fastest land animal
- Ploughshare tortoise - males try to flip each other over during fights (talk about fighting dirty)
- And much, much more!

The Children's Illustrated Series brings a whole host of educational subjects and general knowledge to life in full living colour. Detailed drawn pictures, photographs and images teach your child about History, Language, Geography and more. Get a copy of the Children's Illustrated Animal Atlas or any of the other wonderful titles and start your collection.


Size: 309 x 260 mm

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