City Trails - Rome (Lonely Planet Kids)

ISBN: 9781786579638
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Publisher,Lonely Planet
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 430 g
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Here's a book about Rome that's seriously streetwise. Lonely Planet Kids' City Trails: Rome features colourful themed trails, from history and culture to food and nature, that reveal amazing facts and intriguing tales that kids won't find on the tourist routes or inside the average guidebook. We'll show them where to find Rome's belly button, read a poem to chocolate, snack on witch sweets, and lots more!

Join Lonely Planet explorers Marco and Amelia as they hunt for more secrets, stories and surprises in another of the world's great cities.

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Fun Facts To Discover About Rome

This trails will let kids to discover on such fun facts info about Rome from history , culture to their foods.
With nice Illustrations and real graphic disclosure on the surprises and secrets about Rome, for me this book is one of a must collection to have!