Commercial Property Jewels

ISBN: 9789834140199
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Why This Book is a Must-Read

If you have only bought houses and condos you will see the untapped opportunities in investing in commercial property. Even if you have not bought a single piece of property before, this book will show you how to get the funds and how to choose your first commercial property.

It draws from many real-life experiences, there are no theories, just practical and profitable tips that are unexpectedly entertaining as well. Through commercial property investment, you could retire rich and early too!


  • To recognize a Good buy from a potential disaster.
  • How to tell if there is a bright future or a dead end for a particular location.
  • How you can add value at minimal cost for maximum returns.
  • How to tell if a property is overpriced, and/or is located in the right location.
  • What's the correct rental to expect and how to keep good tenants.
  • How to buy an old commercial property and make it better than brand new.
  • When you should hang on and when to cut losses and move on.
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