Courage, Clarity, and Confidence: Redefine Success and the Way You Work

ISBN: 9781119899402
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Build a successful career with authenticity, confidence, and boldness

The career roadmap every woman has been searching for is finally here!

In Courage, Clarity, and Confidence: Redefine Success and the Way You Work, accomplished Executive Career and Leadership Development Coach Gala Jackson delivers a comprehensive playbook to help women reconnect with, or meet for the very first time, the strongest, boldest, and most courageous version of themselves. In her book, readers will explore their professional and personal journey; utilizing Gala’s ASCEND practice, readers will be able to define authentically aligned success and learn how to pursue it.

The author shares her experiences and anecdotes from clients to demonstrate what is possible for women when they ditch the traditional patriarchal job search and career advancement methodologies that only benefit men. She also provides thought-provoking exercises throughout the book designed to equip you with how to build a future for yourself with courage, clarity, and confidence, even amid the challenging landscape of women and work.

The book includes how to:

  • Confidently embody the strongest, boldest, most courageous version of yourself to establish a career with flow and freedom
  • Align your professional and personal identities for a new, empowering future without limitations
  • Identify the power of your own voice and no longer minimize its value in or outside of the workplace

Create and own your definition of success while leveraging your past and present professional experiences to achieve it Courage, Clarity, and Confidence is the professional guidebook for women searching for a tangible, practical, and action-oriented career roadmap that helps women cultivate their vision and voice and then guides them through how to harness their power to make it an everyday reality.


About the Author

GALA JACKSON is passionate about helping women stand in the power of their femininity. As an accomplished Executive Career and Leadership Development Coach, she works with domestic and international women to redefine and take ownership of their success. She empowers women to discover and live in alignment with the strongest, boldest, most courageous version of themselves.

Her expertise has appeared in the TED global series The Way We Work, with more than one million views, and in globally recognized publications such as the New York TimesMarie ClaireEssenceHuffington Post, and Millie magazine. Gala holds a master’s in educational leadership, and a bachelor of fine arts in communication. She is an executive career and leadership development coach, a certified career management coach, and a certified life coach.


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