DK 1,000 Amazing Dinosaur Facts

ISBN: 9780241569931
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Publisher,Dorling Kindersley
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This unbelievably fascinating dinosaur book for children will teach you all you need to know about prehistoric animals, like which dinosaur had the sharpest teeth, the longest claws, the smallest brain, the largest droppings, and lots more!

Did you know that the largest dinosaur was longer than a tennis court but its babies were no bigger than a newborn human baby? That the smallest dinosaur weighed less than a teaspoon of sugar? Or that the largest flying reptile was as tall as a giraffe, with wings the size of a small plane? Children aged 9+ will love all these facts and more, presented either with jaw-dropping CGI illustrations or eye-popping photography - plus additional boxes feature diagrams that make information easy to understand.

Celebrate your child's curiosity as they explore:

- 1,000 jaw-dropping, mind-blowing facts that will be sure to wow family and friends.
- Stunning CGI graphics, fun visual comparisons, and diagrams make stats and facts easy to understand.
- Science boxes are illustrated with engaging diagrams.
- Photo stories feature additional incredible stories and comparisons.

 1,000 Amazing Dinosaur Facts children can discover the fastest, the slowest, the deadliest, and the downright weirdest dinosaurs ever to roam the planet! This book of mind-blowing dinosaur facts will make the ideal gift for kids who love all things prehistoric, giving a real sense of the colossal scale of dinosaurs and how and where they lived.

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