English for Malaysians

ISBN: 9789679788358
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Publisher,Pelanduk Publications
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 500 g
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ENGLISH FOR MALAYSIANS is written by qualified educationists with proven track records of excellence in their fields, especially with regard to the teaching of English in Malaysia.

It is designed particularly to help learners understand grammar and master the literary skills of reading and writing in the English language. The requirements of all public examinations have been given due consideration.

Teachers in secondary schools, teacher-trainers in colleges and lecturers in other institutions of higher learning should also find this book of inestimable value for the wealth and variety of teaching and learning material it contains.

Malaysians who aspire to learn and master English at their own pace in the non-threatening environment of their homes will find this book a complete and systematic self-study course.

They will also realise that learning English need not be drudgery; it can also be fun.

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Mutia Kurniawati Che Ismail
Good for value

Interesting approach, easy to understand, good for value. A must-have for all Malaysians who want to strengthen their English.