Enrich Your Future: The Keys To Successful Investing

ISBN: 9781394245444
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Publisher,John Wiley
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Format, Hardcover
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Create a winning portfolio by understanding the realities of modern investing

In Enrich Your Future: The Keys to Successful Investing, prolific author and investor Larry Swedroe shines light on the foundation of modern investing, enabling readers to create winning portfolios through simple yet effective strategies. Through a combination of analogies, personal anecdotes, and empirical evidence from peer reviewed journals, the book clearly explains how to play the winner’s game, instead of simply following the crowd, speculating, and making brokers and fund families wealthy in the process.

The book begins by first explaining how to put your portfolio on the right path, then how to keep a steady course during market uncertainty, when many investors fall victim to human nature, lose perspective, and make incorrect investment decisions based on fear and greed.

In this book, readers will learn:

  • How prices of securities are established and why it's so difficult to outperform on a risk-adjusted basis
  • How to navigate various key decision points when designing your portfolio
  • How to develop a conceptually sound investment strategy and reach your financial goals faster
  • How playing the winner’s game in investing will improve the quality of your life as well.

Revealing the true nature of the modern financial market and changing the way readers approach investing in general, Enrich Your Future: The Keys to Successful Investing is an essential guide for individual investors and financial advisors seeking to make more informed and prudent investment decisions.


About the Author

LARRY E. SWEDROE is head of financial and economic research for Buckingham Wealth Partners. A prolific writer and contributor to multiple national outlets, he has authored eight books, co-authored nine others, and was among the first authors to publish a book explaining the science of investing in layman’s terms.


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