F*ck Feelings: One Shrink's Practical Advice for Managing All Life's Impossible Problems

ISBN: 9781476789996
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The only self-help book you'll ever need, from a psychiatrist and his comedy writer daughter, who will help you put aside your unrealistic wishes, stop trying to change things you can't change, and do the best with what you can control—the first steps to managing all of life's impossible problems.

Here is the cut-to-the-chase therapy session you've been looking for!

Need to stop screwing up? Want to become a more positive person?
Do you work with an ass? Think you can rescue an addicted person?
Looking for closure after abuse? Have you realized that your parent is an asshole?
Feel compelled to clear your name? Hope to salvage a lost love?
Want to get a lover to commit? Plagued by a bully?
Afraid of ruining your kid? Ready to vent your anger?

In this brilliantly sensible and funny book, a Harvard-educated shrink and his comedy-writing daughter reveal that the real f-words in life are “feelings” and “fairness.” While most self-help books are about your feelings and fulfilling your wildest dreams, F*ck Feelings will show you how to find a new kind of freedom by getting your head out of your ass and yourself onto the right path toward realistic goals and feasible results. F*ck Feelings is the last self-help book you will ever need!

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Publisher,Simon & Schuster
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Format, Hardcover
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Mhd Saprisal Sabarudin
Entertaining read..!!

While this is a serious book it is about not being so serious about everything. We whine, moan, obsess and complain so much in our lives, always looking to blame something or someone even ourselves for not living up to the ideal. Well, just F^ck it! None of us are perfect, none of us are saints, we carry baggage, we snarl and spit, we are truly warped, get over it ! Work with you inner screwed up beast don’t neuter it.

Fun, foul language and realistic..!!