Family Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

ISBN: 9780007549634
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An absorbing, insightful story from Robin Sharma, bestselling author and internationally-renowned life coach, which unfolds the secrets to living a loving, successful and fulfilled life. Catherine, a top businesswoman with a young family, is the sister of Julian Mantle, the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

After being involved in a life-threatening accident, Catherine realises that, regardless of how high she has risen in the business world – regardless of her achievements and accolades – her family is the most important thing in her life.

Through a series of conversations with her brother, Catherine learns how to reset the focus of her life onto her family – and how living with that culture engenders business success too. Catherine's story takes us on a journey towards being an individual who leads a meaningful life; a stable, reliable and a loving centre around which family and friends revolve. Through her eyes, you'll learn:

• How simple it is to lighten the atmosphere in a home with decorations like flowers
• The importance of setting goals in life for ourselves and our children
• How to form bonds of trust with our loved ones
• The value of truly nourishing our relationships
• How to slow down in life and value our time
• How to live positively and truthfully every day This is a charming and inspiring tale about how the positive effect that one individual can have on the lives of everyone around them.

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Amirah Bukhari

This book is a good remainder of the importance of family value. For those who enjoy motivational books, this is a must-read.

Chen Lena
Family Wisdom From The Monl Who Sold His Ferarri

Well this book quite astonishing. Worth sharing with your friends and also your families.

Ikram Kausari
Ten short chapters, many life lessons to learn.

Simple yet powerful lessons. Applicable irrespective of whether one has kids. Lots of techniques apply for improving all facets of interactions and relationships. Some over-use of quotes nevertheless they are deftly put into context. The five masteries elaborated are about:
1 - Leadership in life begins at home
2 - Shift from scolding to molding a leader
3 - Focus on greatness not weakness - strengths based development
4 - Become an excellent person first
5 - Give give give! Leave a legacy behind

Inspiring Journey

This book is awesomely sharing an experience that how one should always be by the side of his or her family in every situation and always try to be truthful to your self first, if you want people to trust in you.