Fatherhood (Media Tie-In) (Previously Published as Two Kisses for Maddy): A Memoir of Loss & Love

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Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

ISBN: 9781538734414

Format: Paperback

Weight: 420 g

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Chen Lena
Fatherhood (Media Tie-In)

Very touching and very emotional between marriage and love.

Fatherhood (media tie-in)

The conclusion that the author is not in fact a hipster douchebag. He is a brutally, painfully honest real person. This book is the most accurate, honest and painfully raw accounts of grief. He was angry, bitter, devastated, broken, overwhelmed and unprepared to face single parenthood alone for the first time after his daughter's birth. He could have written how he was a saintly martyr navigating unchartered territory without his perfect woman. But he doesn't. He swears a lot. He rants. He raves. He is bitter at how those around him try to console him, or pretend nothing happened at all. He feels his in-laws don't grieve properly. He is a real person, with real emotions. He doesn't put his wife on a pedestal either. He portrays her as a real person someone with hopes, dreams, a big smile, but also a potty mouth, a bossy side and bitchy days. Anyone who has gone through a loss will appreciate the brutal honesty of the author's first painful year as a father and widow, learning how to do both as once, yet not wanting one role to define the other. It was very sad all tears when it came down to him describing his love to his daughter and how he would give anything to have his wife back, except for her. The author's means of survival do not meet their ideals of "acceptable grieving methods". Mostly, though, his ability to convey love for his daughter and late wife through words and the sheer dedication it must have taken for him to write a book is staggering. Bravo, Matt!

Fatherhood (Media Tie-In) (Previously Published as Two Kisses for Maddy): A Memoir of Loss & Love

Very emotional book,giving motivational for people out there

Lussi Abraham
Good Book

This book speaks about the life after marriage and also of a long distant relationship that was successfully into marriage but the hardships and hurdles in his life was much higher and harder to cross over.

Mohamad Farid Bin Ruzain

This book very emotional story and good to read and giving motivation for people needs.I was very interested to read this book as I have recently been reading about loss of loved ones.I also love to read true story about life.This book is different level for readed and please prepare your emotion for this story.
Recomendedd for those people like love story.

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