Geronimo Stilton #59: Welcome to Moldy Manor

ISBN: 9780545746137
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Each Geronimo Stilton book is fast-paced, with lively full-color art and a unique format kids 7-10 will love.

Rancid rat hairs! I'd been spending so much money lately, I had none left in the bank! Even worse, when my grandfather found out, he sent me off to Moldy Manor. There, miserly Uncle Stingysnout would teach me to be better at saving. How terrible! Could I learn to be less wasteful without going crazy?

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Publisher,Scholastic Inc.
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 154.22 g
No. of Pages, 105

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Sitinursharina aminah binti saludin
Amazing book

This one has a wonderful lesson on saving money and being responsible with purchases. This is a good lesson for everyone, young and old. Perfect way to teach kids the importance of being careful with your money.