Geronimo Stilton and the Kingdom of Fantasy #10 : The Ship

ISBN: 9781338088809
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Publisher,Scholastic Inc.
Publication Date,
Format, Hardcover
Weight, 566 g
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I, Geronimo Stilton, was called to the Kingdom of Fantasy for the tenth time! A fairy princess had called me there. She needed my help: The most powerful and dangerous wizard in the realm wanted to capture her -- and conquer the entire kingdom!
The wizard was hunting for special magical objects to increase his powers -- fairy dust to make him fly, the precious gold of the gnomes, the dazzling egg of fire, and more. It was up to me to foil his plans, with the help of magical friends new and old. Could we save the Kingdom of Fantasy?

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Great book

This book was awesome, I loved it, it was scary and exciting. My favorite part was when the seagulls rescued Geronimo and the princess by turning into a giant seagull and scared the ship away.There was lots of brave characters like Geronimo,the frog, and lots more.I recommend this book to all ages who love adventure , pirates, and fiction books.