Get Rich with Water

ISBN: 9789833263615
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The feng shui way to a RICH and WEALTHY life! While you home should be a sanctuary for you to feel embraced by the good chi that good feng shui brings, it should also be a place where specialized feng shui techniques can be used to incorporate powerful water features whose mere presence can enhance you wealth and prosperity luck.

Making sure o your wealth luck has never been easier.

Using Lillian's latest book GET RICH WITH WATER now you can create exactly the right kind of pond, pool, fountain, well, spring or flow of water that can attract increased income and wealth luck into your life, quickly, easily and inexpensively.

  • Learn exactly where in your garden to place your pond
  • Discover how to energize the wealth potential of your pool
  • Learn how to build water dragons correctly and accurately
  • Find out how to activate growth luck to increase asset wealth
  • Capture the wealth chi of natural water in the environment
  • Accurately locate the exit directions of drains to bring wealth
  • Keeping fish for abundance
  • Learning how to use all the formulas to create wealth feng shui
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