Get Talking Thai in Ten Days: Audio Course

ISBN: 9781444170887
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When travelling, do you want to. . .

v journey off the English-speaking path?
v meet people and communicate easily?
v avoid misunderstandings and have fun?

...Then you need to Get Talking!

Through 10 common scenarios plus culture and travel advice, this beginner level audio course will give you the skills for understanding and the confidence to speak - in just 10 days.

Through our interactive Discovery Method, you'll:

Practise the most frequent words and expressions for: greeting people, asking for directions, ordering food and more.
Progress in your understanding of naturally paced conversations.
Personalise the language with interactive role-plays
Perfect your pronunciation and sound more natural.

You can download the audio files on this disc from your computer to your mp3 player or play it in an mp3 CD-ROM player.

Rely on Teach Yourself, trusted by language learners for over 70 years.

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