Get Unstuck and Stay Unstuck : Because Fear Is Not the Boss of You

ISBN: 9780310455646
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Publisher,Zondervan Books
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Format, Hardcover
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No. of Pages, 176

Do you feel stuck? Unsure of where you want your life to go or what you're called to do? Entrepreneur and business coach Jennifer Allwood knows the courage and obedience it takes to push past the excuses, the history, and the distractions that hold you back so you can reach for the life God has for you.

In Get Unstuck and Stay Unstuck, Jennifer Allwood motivates and encourages you to seek a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship with God. She equips you to identify what is holding you back, to embrace change, to practice obedience, and to find the courage to get unstuck--and stay that way.

This high-design four-color book offers straightforward, honest advice and steps for men and women to:

  • face your fears
  • pray and listen for God's guidance
  • move past obstacles
  • grow with the help of a compassionate guide
  • enhance spiritual development

With space for journaling and questions that encourage deeper reflection, this portable and giftable book is a beautiful gift or self-purchase for someone who is looking to make a decision, get over a hurdle, climb out of a pit, or transcend to the next level, whether personally, professionally, in relationships, and more.

Journey with Jennifer Allwood as she coaches you to a life of purpose and bravery as you reach for God's dreams for you.

About the Author

Jennifer Allwood is a passionate cheerleader of women who adds biblical truth to the modern day “dream big” mantra. Her no-nonsense approach to doing things you are scared to do and saying yes to God is helping women everywhere build the life and business of their dreams. When she’s not coaching her nearly 3,000 clients each month, she’s living the dream in Kansas City with Mr. Magic (her husband, Jason) and their four wild kiddos—Noah, Easton, Ava Grace, and their new bonus kiddo, Ariana. Oh, and their Goldendoodles, Stella and Lola, the best dogs on earth. Follow along with Jennifer at


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