Go Go Intellectual Skills (4-6 Years)

ISBN: 9784056300116
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Publisher,Gakken Co Ltd ,Japan
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 400 g
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Gakken Workbooks systematically enhance your child's ability to think critically and creatively solve problems. They're designed to prepare your child for life in the classroom through a creative learning process.
1) A step-by-step approach which follows the developmental stage of the child
-Our activities actively encourage creative play through a series of developmentally-appropriate steps. Each activity and workbook is set up to steadily strengthen reasoning, decision-making and concentration skills.
2) Preparation for the classroom.
-Through our imaginative learning process, children get preparation they need for the academic and social challenges of classroom life: Cognitive development Social skills and Emotional development.
3) Fun until the end of the page
-With a wide variety of problems and activities, all with situations familiar to children, Gakken workbooks offer fun challenges from front to back. We also have included "To Parents" notes to assist you in guiding your child, so you can share in your child's learning experience.
4) Plenty of bonus materials
-Reward Stickers: Let your child apply the reward stickers to each page when he or she is finished. Also, make sure to give plenty of praise! This is important for building confidence.
-Activity Stickers: By using stickers to help make and complete the pages, your child's creativity and imagination will be ignited.
-Wipe-clean Activity Board: Crayons and whiteboard markers can be erased with a tissue. You can try it as many times, in as many ways as you like.

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Mehd Ardakani

Fantastic book seri. My kid enjoyed alot