Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes

ISBN: 9781838690601
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Discover mythological creatures from around the globe

From accounts of world-creating gods and goddesses to monster-slewing heroes, this beautifully illustrated follow-up to Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts is a fun and fascinating voyage of
discovery all over the globe.
Guided by the centaur Chiron, young readers will vault across the world to learn about the powers and weaknesses of the gods, the adventures of the great heroes, the best ways to befriend strange creatures, and the most useful tricks for escaping terrible monsters.
From Norse legends of valiant Valkyrie warriors preparing for battle to the powers of Ancient Egypt's gods and goddesses, no corner will be left unturned.

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Publisher,Lonely Planet
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Format, Paperback
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Huzair Miqdad
Interesting Legends Stories

This book comes with a lot of interesting legends and myths stories from around the world. The stories are very fun to read and kids could learn the culture as well.