Handbook for the Fresh Graduates Malaysia, 5E

ISBN: 9789839153279
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Publisher,Digest Review
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Format, Paperback
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A Handbook which every young adult should read just before leaving school, college or university, or just after that, or even after getting the first job. The aim of this Handbook is to provide the information, background and actual situation in the working environment. It guides the young readers, step-by-step, in an easy-to-read style on:

• Choosing a Career

• Career Development

• Applying for Job

• The Covering Letter

• The CV or Resume

• Preparing for Job Interviews

• During the Job Interviews

• The Working Environment

• Organisation in the Workplace

• Rules & Procedures in the Workplace

• Confidentiality in the Workplace

• Employment Skills

• Mathematics in the Workplace

• Communication in the Workplace

• Documentation in the Workplace

• Files & Filing in the Workplace

• Punctuality & Discipline in the Workplace

• Performance Appraisal in the Workplace

• The Employment & the Laws

• Employees Provident Fund (EPF)

• Social Security Organisation (SOCSO)

• Minimum Wages

• Minimum Retirement Age

• Income Tax

• Planning to Save

• Buying a House or Apartment

• Climbing to Greater Heights in Career

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