Hardy Boys #57: The Firebird Rocket

ISBN: 9780448089577
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Publisher,PENGUIN US
Publication Date,
Format, Hardcover
Weight, 272.16 g
No. of Pages, 180

The launching of the Firebird Rocket is endangered when a famous rocket scientist disappears without a trace on his way to the Woomera Monitoring Station in Australia. Assigned to the case, Fenton Hardy tells his sons he needs their help. And Frank and Joe must turn down a request that they find the missing son of a prominent senator. With courage, wit, and clever detective work, the young detectives begin to close in on the enemy, only to discover that the tables have been turned. Captured by their cunning adversaries, the Hardys face certain death! Will they escape? Will the Firebird Rocket ever be launched?

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Muhammad Ameer Aiman
Amazing story

This series nearly continuously conveys extraordinary fun, and this one is no exemption. An energizing plot, bounty of activity, parts of turns and turns...it's simple to see why these books proceed to be perused numerous decades after their starting distribution.