How Not to Get Promoted : Fix the Self-Sabotaging Behaviors Holding You Back

ISBN: 9781400218455
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Publisher,Harper Collins Pub. UK
Publication Date,
Format, Hardcover
Weight, 217 g
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You work hard and turn in flawless reports, you stay late and kiss up to all the right people, and you still aren't getting promoted. What gives? Well, you're clearly screwing something up, and it's time you find out what it is.

It's frustrating. You're the first one in and the last one out. You're working your butt off. But still, you have to watch other coworkers get promoted into shiny new titles, while you're stuck in the same position you've been in for the last five years. Chances are it's not about what you're doing right--it's about what you're doing wrong.

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Chen Lena
How Not To Get Promoted

This book tells how to get yourself promoted. Find out more about this book and answers all inside this book. Try to understand and know more answers. Recommended.