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The fourth edition of Human Resource Management: Principles and Practices is a comprehensive textbook for undergraduate and diploma students, including those who intend to specialize in this challenging and dynamic field and who hope to have a career as a human resource management specialist. The text may also be helpful to students undertaking a Masters in Business Administration programmed which includes a paper on human resource management and to practitioners who are employed in the HR function but do not have an academic background in the subject. The book covers the range of human resource functions, including recruitment and selection, employee training, performance management of individual employees, systems for compensating and rewarding workers, development of systems to improve productivity in the organization, occupational safety and health, industrial relations and the right of employers to terminate the services of employees.


Key Features

  • Provides a current and thorough examination of human resource management issues and functions, with special emphasis on the Malaysian environment.
  • Highlights local and international examples and practices.
  • Explores future trends and issues affecting human resource management, such as the aging population, the changing legal rights of employers and employees, work–life balance and the need to transform the relationship between employers and employees to drive productivity to greater heights.
  • Includes case studies, discussion and assignment questions, model exam questions and a glossary at the end of every chapter.


New to This Edition

  • Research findings, statistics and legislation pertaining to HR practices in Malaysia have been added and updated to meet current needs.
  • More International Action sections have been added throughout the text to illustrate international HR practices and cases, in addition to new HR in Action sections featuring local examples.
  • Coverage on key topics has been expanded to reflect the latest developments.
  • New discussion and assignment questions in all chapters to assess the understanding of students.