I Want God: How to Love Him with Your Whole Heart and Revive Your Soul

ISBN: 9781400334445
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Publisher,Thomas Nelson
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Format, Paperback
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I Want God, now revised and updated, will help you focus on your true pursuit of God and watch Him move your soul. Lisa Whittle amplifies the solution to the heart cry of the "sick of me" life.

It is in the heart of every person to want God, but life gets loud, and we forget Him. We get consumed by our problems, our desires, ourselves. We forget our first encounter with the Savior and how much we once wanted Him. But Lisa Whittle believes that if we calibrate our attention, refocusing on God determines the perspective for everything in our life:

  • what we fight for,
  • what we tolerate,
  • how we make decisions,
  • what we choose,
  • what we love,
  • what we chase,
  • what we let go of, and
  • what we are willing to change.

A guidebook, a teacher, and a resource, all in one, I Want God brings rich simplicity to life-altering principles, perfect for your personal Lenten reflection. With her signature boldness and raw authenticity, author and podcast host of The Jesus Over Everything podcast, Lisa Whittle inspires with bottom line truth when we want Him and experience a soul revival, there is no limit to what we will do for Him.


About the Author

Lisa Whittle is the author of nine books and several Bible studies, including Jesus Over Everything and The Hard Good. She is a sought-out Bible teacher for her wit and bold, bottom-line approach. She is the founder of two online communities: Ministry Strong for ministry leaders and Called Creatives for writers and speakers, and host of the popular Jesus Over Everything podcast. She's a wife, mom, lover of laughter, good food, and the Bible, and a self-professed feisty work in progress.


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