Investing Psychology Secrets: Sure Fire Data Driven Strategies to Supercharge Your Trading Results

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Master your mindset and boost your investing success

Investing Psychology Secrets is your golden key to developing an unshakable mental toughness when it comes to investing in and trading shares. If you want to truly excel as an investor, you need to develop your psychological fitness first ― so you can confidently handle whatever the sharemarket might throw at you. Investing Psychology Secrets reveals practical, evidence-backed methods to build your money mindset and improve your psychological strengths as an investor.

To grow your wealth consistently, you need to be able to triumph throughout the struggles and stress, the wins and breakthroughs, in ever-challenging financial markets. In this book, Louise Bedford, a leading expert in behavioural finance and the bestselling author of Trading Secrets and Charting Secrets, unveils her strategies for confident investing. She shows you how to build your resilience, maintain focus, and thrive in the face of market shake-ups.

With Investing Psychology Secrets, you’ll discover:

  • How to create habits for success, with winning routines that lead to exceptional investing and trading
  • Why positive thinking can shoot you in the foot and sheer willpower isn’t enough
  • How to master your emotions and rewrite the money scripts that can boost your profits
  • The paradigm-shattering truth about how meditation and mindfulness can reshape your results (it’s not what you think!)
  • The unexpected connection between tarantulas, self-worth, and investing success ― and what the neighbourhood cat can teach you about effective trading

Get ready to take control of your trading destiny, with the help of one of Australia's best-selling personal finance authors. With Louise Bedford’s 
Investing Psychology Secrets, you’ll build real, tangible investing skills ― and unlock the secrets for lasting financial success.


About the Author

LOUISE BEDFORD is a behavioural finance expert and bestselling author. She has over thirty years’ experience as a successful trader, hosts the Talking Trading podcast, and is one of Australia’s most compelling voices speaking on the financial markets today.


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