Kamala's Way : An American Life


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Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: 9781982175764

Format: Hardcover

Weight: 450 g

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Robert Chin
Best biography!

Excellent and insightful account of some of the driving forces that motivate Kamala Harris, our Vice President. Kamala's way is not the easy way. It is thoughtful and purposeful. She is a strong woman, make no mistake about that. She is also an ethical person. Make no mistake about that either. Because of its relatively short length and the tightness of the author's writing, this is easy and quick to read. Compelling reading. I highly recommend this book.

Cik Ayu
Inspirational idol!

Kamala is very beautiful and powerful. I still cant believe that she defied the odds; becoming first black women elected as vice president of US. This book reveal his past lkfe, her earlier involvement in politic and all of her atruggle and also her vision and ambition for the future. I am still reading it and hope to finish it before FMCO ends

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