Logic Puzzles for Brain Fitness

ISBN: 9780593689820
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Activate your brain—and have fun!—with 90 days of easy-to-hard logic puzzles.

Seeking an intellectual challenge, looking to prevent brain fog, or just wanting to try some new brain games? Test your mind with the 
Logic Puzzles for Brain Fitness challenge: 90 days of logic puzzles that progress from easy to hard. The wide variety of word-based, number-based, and visual logic puzzles means you won’t be bored. And with bonus puzzles to keep your good habit going, you’ll be amazed at the improvement in your concentration, deduction, and critical thinking skills in just three short months.

  • Six types of logic puzzles, all crafted by an expert. Including logic grid puzzles, sudoku, calcudoku, battleship, kakuro, and masyu.
  • Helpful guidance for each kind of puzzle. Expand your puzzling capabilities and master new logic puzzles with our expert’s top tips.
  • Large, clear text. Avoid eye strain with the easy-to-read text.
  • Answer key in the back. So you can easily check your answers.
  • Plentiful margin space. Great for jotting down notes as you unlock each puzzle.
  • Great gift for puzzle lovers. Perfect for travel or just unwinding at home.

About the Author

Lana Barnes can usually be found hunched over a puzzle, whether it’s a traditional pen-and-paper one, online, or, her favorite, a murder mystery board game. When not absorbed in cracking the latest head-scratcher, Lana loves reading, enjoys traveling with family and friends, and works as a full-time freelance proofreader and children’s book reviewer. She lives in central Connecticut with her husband.
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