Long Walk to Freedom : The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela


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Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA

ISBN: 9780316034784

Format: Paperback

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Tiong Yong Keu

This was incredible! This book shed so much insight on Mandela's thoughts and his reasonable outlook throughout his life that I gained an enormous respect for him and his cause. I've been really in the dark about racial prejudice- maybe because I wanted to stay ignorant to something I cannot understand nor fathom. We have come so far in triumph against these injustices of humanity, though if not enough of us are paying attention then we are doomed to repeat history. This is one of the top most inspirational books of all time. Powerful in forgiveness and progressive! The school system needs to throw out the boring, pointless books of the past and introduce ones of more depth- thought provoking. If children of today were taught to reason as Mandela did in this book, can one imagine what powerful leaders we would have tomorrow? A must read!

Ikram Kausari
A Great Memoir of late President of South Africa

The book is well written. It covers Nelson Mandela’s life from childhood to becoming the president of South Africa. The author also describes the history of South Africa and the various local tribes so I have a better understanding of the situation. The writing is a bit dry at times and very little personal emotion is displayed. Mandela’s high ideals and his fight for freedom comes through loud and clear in the book. The book is about the fight for civil rights. This is an excellent memoir. It held my attention throughout the book.

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