Losing You

ISBN: 9786299860334
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Publisher,Tentang Kita Sdn. Bhd.
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
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I love you, unsaid, unwritten, and unknowingly

I love you as the sun loves

the depths of the ocean met it not

but fed it and nourishes it and life lives

I love you without a single wish to own

I love you fills the box I keep only for treasures.


I love you like how the day embraces the night

it can never be together, but how beautifully

one comes after the other

I love you in despair, in joy, or in pain

I love you as history loves the years

I love you in colours or in its absence

I love you like how the rain kisses the river

I love you flow and grow

the river now finds the sea


I love you despite having all I wish

I love you not because my nights are empty

I love you not for hearts untended

I love as like a dandelion cherishes the wind

I love you unseen, undeclared, invisible

I love you without anyone believing so

I love you more in the solitary corner

you made out of kindness and friendship

I love you more and speak of it less

why should I share my only selfish wish?

for all love that has built the world can only claim

that it does not exist.

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