Lost Boy Found (Deckle Edge)

ISBN: 9781538700563
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Perfect for fans of the NYT bestseller Sold on a Monday, this Southern historical novel based on the true story of a boy's mysterious disappearance examines despair, loyalty, and the nature of truth.

In 1913, on a summer's day at Half Moon Lake, Louisiana, four-year-old Sonny Davenport walks into the woods and never returns.

The boy's mysterious disappearance from the family's lake house makes front-page news in their home town of Opelousas. John Henry and Mary Davenport are wealthy and influential, and will do anything to find their son. For two years, the Davenports search across the South, offer increasingly large rewards and struggle not to give in to despair. Then, at the moment when all hope seems lost, the boy is found in the company of a tramp.

But is he truly Sonny Davenport? The circumstances of his discovery raise more questions than answers. And when Grace Mill, an unwed farm worker, travels from Alabama to lay claim to the child, newspapers, townsfolk, even the Davenports' own friends, take sides.

As the tramp's kidnapping trial begins, and two desperate mothers fight for ownership of the boy, the people of Opelousas discover that truth is more complicated than they'd ever dreamed.
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This novel was inspired by the disappearance of a 4 year old back in 1913. Sonny was the son of one of the small community’s richest and most prominent families who searched him for years. At the same time, a poor servant girl entrusted her son to a vagrant friend on his travels while she gave birth to a second child.
When the vagrant is discovered with a small boy, it is assumed that the boy is Sonny. And that’s when the pages start turning rapidly! The rich family claims the boy is Sonny. The girl claims him as her own - and the community takes sides.
This is a thoroughly engrossing tale - the kind that you carry around and take every opportunity to read! Very well written, great characters, well-described locales, fast pace!