Malory Towers 2: Second Form

ISBN: 9781444929881
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Publisher,Hodder Children's  Books
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 260 g
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Enormously popular all over the world, Enid Blyton's school series combines everything that makes school so special - friendships, learning, sports, plays and mischief! 
It's second form at Malory Towers and there is a thief about. Purses and jewellery are missing in North Tower. Meanwhile Darrell is caught in the middle when her friend Sally is made head girl instead of Alicia. Will they find the thief and will Alicia and Sally make up? 
There is never a dull moment at Malory Towers!

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Muhammad Ameer Aiman

This another charming, basic perused from Enid Blyton that proceeds the Malory Towers series. I like Darrell, as we have comparative tempers. Be that as it may I was trusting we'd have a distinctive fundamental character this time.