Managing And Organizations: An Introduction To Theory And Practice

ISBN: 9780857020406
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Now in its Third Edition, this unique and highly esteemed text goes from strength to strength, continuing to offer:

seamless coverage of the essential topics of organizational behaviour
a realist's guide to management capturing the complex life of organizations (the paradoxical, emotional, insecure, self-confident, responsible, irresponsible) and delivers the key themes and debates in an accessible way
interactive, instructive (and fun) learning aids and features, both in the text and on the Companion Website
an attractive, easily navigable, full-colour text design
a guide to further reading including hand-selected journal articles, many of which are available on the Companion Website.

As well as cutting-edge content and features, the Third Edition now includes:

clearer, more concise exposition of all you need to know about organizations
expanded coverage of public-sector, informal and non-profit organizations
additional discussion of international cultures
revised case studies to cater for readers across the world at all levels of knowledge and experience
a revisited Companion Website with longer case studies.

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