Managing IBS (Penguin Life Experts)

ISBN: 9780241530030
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In Managing IBS, Dr Lisa Das, UK-leading gastroenterologist and IBS specialist, offers practical, empowering and evidence-based advice on how to manage and treat the condition successfully. Sharing a wealth of accessible information and drawing on decades of experience, Dr Das will explore:

* What IBS is and how the digestive system works
* IBS symptom red flags
* Symptom-based medication treatment
* Dietary, psychological and lifestyle treatments
* Normal bowel movement
* Questions to ask your doctor


About the Author

Dr. Lisa Das is a Consultant Gastroenterologist and IBS Specialist based in London, with 23 years of experience diagnosing and treating IBS in the US and UK.

As the UK's first Community Gastroenterology Consultant at Bart's Health NHS Trust, where she worked until early 2020, Das has been uniquely well-positioned to understand the challenges around IBS encountered by both health practitioners and patients alike.

Dr Das has also contributed to TV's 
Dr Christian Will See you Now and has been featured in several Cosmopolitan articles shedding light on the disorder. Her passion for deepening IBS understanding and emphasizing the importance of a strong patient-doctor relationship brings Managing IBS to life.
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