Map of the Invisible World

ISBN: 9780007349982
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Publisher,Harper Collins Pub. Uk
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 420 g
No. of Pages, 352

Sixteen-year-old Adam is an orphan three times over. He and his older brother, Johan, were abandoned by their mother as children; he watched as Johan was adopted and taken away by a wealthy couple; and he had to hide when Karl, the Dutch man who raised him, was arrested by soldiers during Sukarno's drive to purge 1960s Indonesia of its colonial past.

Adam sets out on a quest to find Karl, but all he has to guide him are some old photos and letters, which send him to the colourful, dangerous capital, Jakarta. Johan, meanwhile, is living a seemingly carefree, privileged life in Malaysia, but is careening out of control, unable to forget the long-ago betrayal of his helpless, trusting brother.

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Mr. Tiong
Map of the Invisible world

Amazing in this novel are the frequent changes in temporality, the flashbacks, ruptures of the storyline, throws on different axis with the introduction of new characters, later revealed to have strong connections with Adam, the main character.